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The truth is most of those product only hide the marijuana metabolites from showing up on drug tests. Vitamin E may prevent pneumonia in nonsmoking elderly men7 Oct quit marijuana the complete guide amazon 2016 at 3:00amAdministration of 50 mg per day of vitamin E decreased the risk of pneumonia in elderly male smokers quit marijuana the complete guide pdf free by 72% after they quit smoking, according to a paper published in Clinical Interventions in. The males are then usually culled when they quit marijuana the complete guide are identified, so that the females will not be pollinated, thus producing "sin semilla" ("without seed") buds. SR141716 administered to rats interrupts their sleep cycles, causing a deficit in both quit marijuana the complete guide pdf download short-wave and REM sleep. By removing the main shoot, the communication between the leaves and the main shoot ends, effectively canceling out the apical dominance. These varieties were assumed to have sex chromosome composition XX. See the above diagram for a practical example of optimum watt distribution. I know that this method is a great choice for those that are wishing to quit weed, but whether it is suitable for you or not? Let’s me show you in details through Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide review.

Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide

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  Now on to my question. This aids in detoxification from a very physical point where you can get rid of mucus and tar from the airways but it also ties in to increasing your immune system and overall health as well. Contractor and television presenter Mike Holmes said that while houses formerly used for growing cannabis could be bought very cheaply from banks or other owners, repairs and remediation could cost around $100,000 CAD, which may exceed price savings. Before you decide to set up a soilless system, research your local vendors to make sure you have the resources and space necessary to set up a hydro-system. I have over a 100 or so and hope I get by with at least one-third of them. " reports Jeff McDonald, "13 Medical Pot Dispensaries in County Raided" , San Diego Union-Tribune , Dec 13 2005. Hydroponic cultivation generally occurs in greenhouses or indoors, although there is no practical obstacle to growing outdoors. Remember to reduce your temptation before you become overwhelmed. 2005: "Cannabis-based drugs could offer treatment hope to sufferers of inflammatory bowel disease, UK researchers report. Avoid social functions where you know there will be pot-smoking. Individuals seeking treatment for heroin addiction come from a variety of backgrounds.

Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide

Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide Free Pdf

" reports Jeff Hergenrather, "Cannabis Alleviates Symptoms of Chrohn's [sic] Disease" , O'Shaughnessy's Journal of the California Cannabis Research Medical Group, Autumn 2005. Some experimentation on your part will reveal what works best for you. But the great news is… with the techniques you’ll learn in this guide, you can speed up the lung-cleaning process from 10 years. Different elements like moisture, heat and air contribute to the hormone activation of the seeds. Trying to wean off of it won`t help because your tolerance will make you want more in order to reah that plateau high you are currently at. I personally think it can work. Rather than the inflated £10/$15 per gram prices on the black market, in coffee shops, and sadly even many dispensaries, the actual cost of growing a cannabis plant is closer to just a couple of pounds, even with several plants on a really small scale. You can also begin with a smaller container, which would help prevent the issue that was mentioned above. Unfortunately, the plant was commonly burned and carbonized in this process. Plant with tips up, 2 inches deep and 4 to 6 inches apart in rows 15 to 24 inches apart. Mikuriya makes the case that cannabis not only has fewer side effects than alcohol, but also fewer side effects than prescription drugs as quit marijuana the complete guide well.

Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide Review

Among other ingredients, it uses pyrethrum and cinnamite and is easily applied using a plant sprayer. When the plant quit marijuana the complete guide amazon possesses seven sets of true leaves and the 8th is barely visible in the center of the growth tip, or shoot apical meristem (SAM), the plant has entered the vegetative phase of growth. Potent sin semilla is especially important to medical users, to minimize the amount of cannabis they must consume to be afforded relief. A common mold looks like white powder on your leaves and is known as "Powdery White Mildew. Are you a goal-setter? How confident do you feel that you will succeed at giving up smoking? Asking yourself these questions is one way to prepare yourself for quitting. We now know that at least 36. glaucoma" claims Dr Raphael Mechoulam , as reported by David Jay Brown, "The New Science of Cannabinoid-Based Medicine: An Interview with Dr. It never lasted very long, and I was miserable the entire time. In a hydro setup, there will always be plenty of water. It has a section on pruning. Next, cut quantity down again by 1/2, then frequency by 50%, and so on until the marginal and infrequent use slows to a halt.

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We mention the immune system quite a lot because this is the process within the body that deals with destroying the pathogens and foreign particles that cause us to get sick. The alkalinity is highly beneficial for removing the THC metabolite from the tissues firstly because it actually neutralizes and quit marijuana the complete guide pdf absorbs the THC-COOH on a molecular level allowing it to be more readily carried in the blood and excreted through the kidneys. Reaction and decision times are lengthened and the stoned driver is normally less vigilant. There are a number of videos detailing much of what’s discussed in this article. We want to keep buds on the stem whilst they are drying (not a huge stem, just the adjacent few inches), as this facilitates the curing/drying process. Being dropped at a in the dirt on at all. Use discount code: STICKY420 to get $10 off list price. By itself, it doesn't stop the flare-ups (and from my experience nothing does that doesn't potentially carry bigger problems in the long run. An all purpose hydroponic nutrient solution with secondary elements like calcium, sulphur and magnesium and trace elements boron, copper, molybdenum, zinc, iron, and manganese will get you through all stages of growth.

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You probably enjoy the high that cannabis provides - however, did you quit marijuana the complete guide free know that there is a way of producing this state naturally and without any of the harmful side effects?. Severe (possibly fatal) breathing quit marijuana the complete guide problems can occur, especially if this medication is abused, injected, or mixed with other depressants (such as alcohol, benzodiazepines including diazepam, other narcotics). Nicotine replacement therapy is the general term for using products that contain nicotine but not tobacco to aid cessation of smoking. Absolutely enthralled with the week, and remaining stop drugs for excellent instance would be carried out only with the marijuana calendar year hashish seeds complete calendar year.   The shortened interval and increases intensity of fires, due to cheatgrass, makes it difficult for perennial vegetation to recover before the next fire. Topics include setting up your grow room, equipment, light schedules, grow room security, the life stages of marijuana, and the harvesting/curing process.   It is possible under certain conditions that growth will continue throughout the winter, especially in the root system. Dioecious varieties are also preferred for textile fiber production, whereas monoecious varieties are preferred for pulp and paper production.

Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide

So my question is, can my voice/lungs recover completely if i quit smoking now? And approximately how long will this process take?I understand that the time frame is dependent on many factors such as the person, how much that person has been smoking, etc. quit marijuana the complete guide free I need to get my grow box first. Could anyone help me with this. Lifetime histories of marijuana use and exposure to known OSCC risk factors were ascertained using a structured questionnaire. Because the truth is… if you're currently still smoking, you’re taking many, many years off your life. I think it’s important to have someone who guides you through the recovery literature, someone who gives genuine feedback and someone who provides support when times get tough. If your state is nowhere near legalization, then vote for pro-legalization candidates. The studies failed, however, to settle a recent controversy over whether marijuana smoking reduces the amount of the male sex hormone testosterone, as originally reported by Dr Robert C Kolodny of the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation in Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide St Louis. This is the most important aspect in a quality program of heroin recovery.

Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide Pdf

For your first grow (or three!) consider a full grow box kit which will include everything you need to get going. Leafly is the world’s cannabis information resource. Finally, sticking properly to the marijuana detox program, implementing the diet changes, using the alkalized water and taking the recommended supplements all increase the rate of detox. When growing, indica weed plants tend to be somewhat compact, and have tight nugs and wide leaves. " – Abstract of "TR-446: Toxicology and Carcinogenesis Studies of 1-Trans-Delta9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (CAS No. Download my  free marijuana grow guide at this link  for more growing tipsIf you plan well enough in advance, you can have a separate container for each of your marijuana plants’ stages of life. Find out the little known but incredibly powerful vitamins, foods and exercises that flush toxins and tar right out of your body. " claims W Murray Thomson, et al, "Cannabis Smoking and Periodontal Disease Among Young Adults" , Journal of Amercian Medical Association, Feb 6 2008. Medical marijuana patients with a valid authorization form may join the medical marijuana authorization database and receive a medical marijuana recognition card. If all you're doing is a simple hand-water grow, you'll easily get at least 6-8 ounces of buds off your first plant, even if you make lots of mistakes.

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They are malnourished, underweight and lack a healthy exercise regimen. Medicines and other treatments cannot prevent damage to your lungs if you continue to smoke. But each one should enlighten and encourage you to expand your mind about the possibilities within the. Read the latest cannabis news and lifestyle information on Leafly News & Culture, where we bring you Cannabis 101 resources, the latest medical marijuana studies, legalization updates, and other compelling cannabis content. The Author Gary Lewis seems to have real experience in using and quitting Marijuana. You deserve to have a healthy life. , the Assyrian people used the herb they called Qunnabu, for incense. I have tried downloading this at least 5 times and it won’t Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide down load but I would buy it if I can find it. Learn everything you need to know in our HID Grow Light Guide. Most of the time I end up removing almost all the growth underneath the Scrog net, I only leave the fan leaves intact until the plant drops them by itself after the energy has been recovered. To detect marijuana use in a family Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide member, look for these signsRed, bloodshot eyesLaughter and glee when it is not warrantedEuphoriaStrongly increased appetite for snack foods or sweetsFoggy, slow memoryArtificially increased tendency to chatter or be sociableLowered inhibitionsImpaired judgmentDizzinessSedation, slow movementLethargy, lack of activityEffects on the BodyA marijuana smoker acts lethargic and may suffer lung irritation and bronchitis.

Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide Pdf Free

If you take Wellbutrin for depression, do not also take Zyban to quit smoking. Some states that have legalized marijuana have issued rules for packaging and labeling "marijuana edibles. Interventions delivered via healthcare providers and healthcare systems have been shown to Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide improve smoking cessation among people who visit those providers. Marijuana smoke irritates the lungs, and frequent marijuana smokers can have the same breathing problems that tobacco smokers have. Vaping doesn’t burn the herb but heats it up using an element that is powered by a battery. SwellingWell, the types of Steroids that are prescribed by doctors to reduce swelling are called corticoSteroids and are not addictive. There is some evidence from case reports that cannabis use may provoke fatal cardiovascular events in young people who have not been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. To help seeds pop, once you’ve put them into rockwool you should use a heated propagation dome in order to maintain a warm, moist environment. Too far and the plants grow too tall as they stretch to get closer to their light source. The tap water has the required nutrients and minerals that a young plant will need so as to ensure proper propagation.

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The components CBC and d-9-tetrahydrocannabinol have been shown to destroy and inhibit the growth of streptococci and staphylococci bacteria. It may take a week or two, but you will recover and never regret your decision to stop smoking. While smoking may have its perks, there are benefits to using a vaporizer instead. A conspicuous sign of water problems is the wilting of leaves. Once flowering starts I change to a higher Phosphorous nutrient and change to 2 red spectrum lights 2700K at about 650watts (output) per lamp with lots of white reflectiors to spread the light. There are several good threads on how to keep bonsai moms on this forum so I will not venture further into that topic. I am very interested in learning how to control bugs and mold that harm my plants with out chemical,s. Researchers continue to ignore long-term NRT addict concerns about increases in tolerance and losing their hair and teeth. Also see Cancer safety , Comparative Pharmacological safety , Lung , Medicinal safety 2005: "Marijuana smoking -'even heavy longterm use'- does not cause cancer of the lung, upper airwaves, or esophagus, Donald Tashkin reported at this year's meeting of the International Cannabinoid Research Society.

Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide

I can honestly say there's. Take 10 deep breaths, and hold the last one while lighting a match. Again – I would suggest that you commit to a 40 minute walk, 3 times per week. Relaxation exercises can help relieve your urge to smoke. Over the years we have vetted these companies and picked out the ones that stand out. Download Quit Line posters, palm cards and other materials to have in your office or hand out to patientsReferring patients to the Quit Line is easy and confidential. A study at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine showed that very heavy use of marijuana is associated with decrements in neurocognitive performance even after 28 days of abstinence. This means that you are effectively healing your lungs from the inside out but with support from outside intervention and the full power of the bodies mind and physical systems as well. I decided to try smoking Cannabis/Marijuana. Set up pot appointment another daymy. Potting soil should be lighter. In less populated areas with good air movement dissolution and dispersal techniques for odor management may be employed i. The Twin Tunnels will be built which will take 100 of all the water out. The part that deals with the mind is however not very extensive.

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Certain activities won't be temptation-free for many months after you quit. To their surprise, the team discovered CB1 cannabinoid receptors – which are known to quit marijuana the complete guide free download be present in the brain – in the endothelial cells which line the gut. One of the best ways to ways to stop smoking weed is not through using a cleansing drink or pill. Or perhaps, like me, you couldn’t even find any cannabis to buy most of the time. “Why on earth did you write a book on weed? What is there to say?”This quit marijuana the complete guide pdf download is one of the first questions strangers ask when I tell them what. Cannabis is probably less harmful than other available painkillers. A detox from marijuana is something that can usually be done by your self, with some dedication and the right tools. I am attempting to download book ,but I am not receiving any emails. The herb was used in India in cultural and religious ceremonies, and recorded in Sanskrit quit marijuana the complete guide download scriptural texts around 1,400. Dental professionals also provide a key component in increasing tobacco abstinence rates in the community through counseling patients on the effects of tobacco on oral health in conjunction with an oral exam.

As a medicine, its a wonderful and natural alternative to hundreds if not thousands of synthetic drugs. Harvesting before most trichomes have turned white may reduce the overall potency and efficacy time. The branch might droop for a while but that's ok as it will heal over time. However, following a lung detoxification system is not overly arduous. With the legalization of medical marijuana, producers are in a race to exceed each other. It is now being considered a medicinal herb with advocates pushing for its legalization. While still inside your body, marijuana is released slowly back into the bloodstream. It should not be if you stash your work out, or about a quit marijuana the complete guide amazon week before the next semester of the academic year, or next month. How To Quit Marijuana Video Program: The new course is delivered in a video format, which covers 7 modules coming with a bonus Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide disc. To achieve a long-term goal like quitting smoking, you may find it helpful to break the task into smaller goals. An experiment was run on a group of smokers who were looking to quit and every one of them quit pot from his program and never went back.

I will repeat myself, you have to want to quit 100% or it won’t work. People who complete a program to stop smoking are most likely to succeed in quitting. These can include, but are not limited to:. A report prepared for the Australian National Council on Drugs concluded cannabis and other cannabinoids are contraindicated in pregnancy as it may interact with the endocannabinoid system. easily picked up a put back down. The percentage of the solution not used by N-P-K is trace elements and inert material. Cultivation over a period of time may lead to moisture and toxic mold. For me, it was quitting cold-turkey. A great deal of time getting the substance, taking the substance, or recovering from it 4. something is terribly wrong on my plant the leaves are wilting and the bottom leaves are turning yellow I had rust mites but I got rid of them but I still don’t know if I’m giving it too much sunlight or too much water while giving it 12 on 12 off please reply thank you. Some people can overcome these symptoms and get through it on their own. It can be risky to suddenly quit using marijuana and detox yourself without the help of medical professionals.

On the flip side, they relish lighting up with that first cup of coffee or after every meal, as well. The mainly sweet & fruity-spicy aroma is a real treat for the senses. If you Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide think you can handle it and it suits your goals, reward yourself with quitting by smoking every once in a while. There is no USB port for charging the battery, so you’ll need to use the external dock. In addition, marijuana smoke contains many of the same chemicals and “tars” as tobacco smoke and, therefore, increases the risk of lung cancer. , via regulation of melanin concentrating hormone neurons in the hypothalamus ). On the other hand he works Mon-Fri as a programmer at least 8 hours a day. Take extra care of yourself. Atherosclerosis is the primary cause of heart disease and stroke in the Western world, accounting for up to half the deaths from both conditions. quit marijuana the complete quit marijuana the complete guide free pdf guide In some areas where cannabis use has been historically tolerated, some new restrictions have been put in place, such as the closing of cannabis coffee shops near the borders of the Netherlands,.

Could this have been because they were old seeds?I hope I have better luck with better seeds!!. If you have a limited space you may choose to grow more plants in smaller containers. Generally, most growers who have grown in soil tend to go with soil or soilless. Don’t put yourself in situations where access to the substance is easy. Hint: Start at 3:30 to skip the intro about his life and his history with growing (though personally I find his story very interesting :)Even after going to prison for growing, Kog continues to serve the growing community by sharing his information with these valuable videos. Quit weed for your family. Some growers consider Mylar sheeting to be very effective when it lines grow room walls, along with Astrofoil (which also reflects heat), and Foylon (a foil-laminated, reinforced fabric). 1996: "Compared to alcohol, which makes people take more risks on the road, marijuana made drivers slow down and drive more carefully. We may be able to send you free nicotine patches and/or gum. my heart beats so hard for anything between lifting heavy objects to simply walking up a flight of stairs. Some of these names might not be surprising.

Masticating juicers are highly efficient and are recommended for leafy vegetables. For example, "Higher intensity" interventions (>10 minutes) produced a quit rate of 22. Once you’ve finished manicuring your plants, you need to give them about 5-7 days drying time, preferably somewhere that’s room temperature with good ventilation and no light. Even the most motivated person may try to quit five or six times before they quit for good. Watch Quit Coach Tom's Video, Smoke-Free Morning »Joel's Daily Quitting quit marijuana the complete guide free pdf Lesson Guide - This guide suggests daily video and reading lessons for specific quit marijuana the complete guide review days during the first two weeks of quitting quit marijuana the complete guide free smoking. What little they do eat is often low in nutritive value. Investigators did observe increased risks – though they were not statistically significant – among drivers using amphetamines, cocaine and opiates, but found, "No increased risk for road trauma was found for drivers exposed to cannabis. High pressure sodium lamps trigger a greater flowering response in the plant and are thus used for the second (reproductive) phase of the growth, or they are used by those people who only wish to purchase a type of single lamp.

To be sure, Hurd found that rats who got high on pot as adolescents used more heroin once they quit marijuana the complete guide amazon were addicted. This option and the next one are the best methods. It is only making stems and quit marijuana the complete guide free pdf leaves at this point because it is in the vegetative stage. If you desire to be successful in stopping that habit, then you need to discover a way to distract yourself with other activities that you enjoy. However, I used to grow using 24 hours of light a day for my cannabis plants in veg, and they grew just fine. DopamineYes! By copying a gene, scientists can study how that gene works which may help them in developing treatments for a lot of things, including drug addiction. Another study revealed that teenage marijuana users may stunt their brain’s development, damaging their learning abilities and memory functions, while quit marijuana the complete guide download lowering their IQ by several points with years of heavy usage. Cocaine quit marijuana the complete guide free pdf is a stimulant made from the leaf of the coca plant. kamranJanuary 21st, 2014 - 05:56Been reading all these comments and i thought i ask my questions to decide if i should sign up.

A big part of my success so far is the fact that I traded my bad habit in for some good ones; one of which I am doing right now if you haven't guessed it is writing. Because 97% of case-reports also smoked tobacco, a formal association with cannabis could not be made. Many plants have been selectively bred to produce a maximum of THC ( cannabinoids ), which is obtained by curing the flowers. He names them “Marijuana Toxins” – quit marijuana the complete guide pdf free and these toxins move directly into the human fat cells and stay there. However, this is a fairly new field of research and producing such selective drugs is not an easy task. Use mulchA layer of leaves, straw, shavings or even stones around the base of each plant will help prevent evaporation and keep water in the soil. Get ready Contact your doctor or local health department to learn about medicines and to find quit marijuana the complete guide out what kinds of help are available in your area for people who want to quit smoking. The computer network around the world does constantly send messages back and forth with amazing speed, much like your brain and body.

Remember, keep this and all other medicines out of the reach of children, never share your medicines with others, and use Wellbutrin only for the indication prescribed. First, the drug we know to be most likely to induce aggressive behavior [ alcohol ] is not only readily and legally available, it is often sold by the state for profit. Nutrients form a vital part of cannabis cultivation. Make Your Own Soilless Mix for Cannabis. You also have obviously not understood or even read any of the huge amounts of scientific data that has shown that smokers are much more likely to get lung cancer and many other life threatening problems due to their habit. Drink water, eat well, and get enough sleep. Top 44 is strong and easy to grow making it a great selection for the beginner! Read More Information on Top 44 Cannabis Seeds.  Try using only filtered water in the system once a week. When I first got a pH kit, I was amazed at how much stronger and resistant to problems my plants were once they started getting the optimum pH at their roots. Although the vaporizer works perfectly fine with waxes and oil concentrates, it’s particularly optimized for vaping dry herbs.

First is the phase that occurs right after your plant finishes the vegetative stage. Gives me the quit marijuana the complete guide free creeps just thinking my lungs once looked like the one on the right. 2005: "The active ingredient in cannabis protects arteries against harmful changes that lead to strokes and heart attacks, new research suggests. Your pot is Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide too big for your seedling. Smooth skinTry again! People who smoke for a long time often end up with skin that is more wrinkled than the skin of nonsmokers. I take Darvocet for pain, Flexeril for muscle spasms, Doxipin [dibenzoxepin] for pain and as a sedative, Celexa for depression, and Klonopin as an antidepressant. As mentioned earlier, it will only take a maximum of 1 week for a strong mature seed to germinate. Article What You're Really Giving Up When You Stop Smoking Article Do These Things Before You Stop Smoking You won't miss smoking forever. The first phase of marijuana growth is called the vegetative phase. A good seed will germinate under proper conditions in 2-3 days.   I haven't had a cigarette since Jan 20 and no one has smoked around me. a normally healthy 70-kilogram (154-pound) adult can achieve a relaxed affability from approximately 33 grams of ethyl alcohol.

When this happens, the plant stretches taller and taller in an attempt to reach more sunlight, and then it is too tall to hold itself up any longer. Návrh upouští od dosavadní beztrestnosti držby omamných a psychotropních látek a jedů pro svoji potřebu. The other is working standing up. 0% for "no minutes"; and more than 8 sessions produced a quit rate of 24. 3) eyes andteeth - and we all know that red eye is the sequel of marijuana, however, Ioften find I was itching constantly and my eyes were usually only half open andI always look dazed as if I was not really there. "I think that the evidence is pretty abundant that people who use marijuana moderately—unless they're in a certain subgroup—are likely to be fine, and maybe even more than fine in terms of its enriching of their lives," he said, adding that he'd caution against use for those who are pregnant, have cardiovascular disease, or are vulnerable to schizophrenia. Whether it is recommendations and genuine activities you’re immediately after then make sure you truly feel free of charge to verify the feedback posted beneath. Cannabinoids act as immunomodulators at CB2 receptors, meaning they increase some immune responses and decrease others.

I simply scored one side of the excess stem, apply a little rooting powder to the scored area. Cultivation techniques for other purposes (such as hemp production) differ. See also: Pregnancy and breastfeeding warnings (in more detail) Bupropion can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby. " claims Fred Gardner from "Which Conditions are Californians Actually Treating With Cannabis?" , O'Shaughnessy's Jouurnal of the California Cannabis Research Medical Group, Summer 2003. 🙂It is always advisable to start seeds in a controlled environment and allow seedling to flourish before setting it outside. Most aeroponic set-ups are dependent on an environment which maintains close to 100 percent humidity at all times. This list should include:Financial goals. it was found that other "studies that measure the presence of THC in the drivers' blood or oral fluid, rather than relying on self-report tend to have much lower (or no) elevated crash risk estimates. Mainly because it delivers an actual Marijuana Detox Guide. Don't smoke! If you relapse and smoke again do not lose hope. But this doesn't mean there is no danger associated to pot smoke. i can quit as simple as i started. Get it right the first time, get exactlythe kind of addiction treatment that you need for your situation:Maybe you don’t need rehab? Learn what your outpatientoptions are and learn who can get better with outpatient, and who needsrehab!Learn guaranteed ways to stay sober after rehab!Find out about the special treatment needs of teens, pregnant women, gays and lesbians and seniors!Learn how you can judge the quality of a rehab …on the phone!Learn who will help you and who won’t and save your precious time and energy!How can you trust someone who wants to sell you anexpensive rehab? How can you know who has your best interests at heart,and who only lusts after your money? You can’t! That’s why you need to get educated, don’t rely on someone else to tell you what to do…find out for yourself what you need to do!Marijuana remains a lightning rod for controversy in the United States as more and more states legalize it for recreational use.